kitteh was bored at 07:31 p.m. on Monday, July 21, 2003

all the older entries have been moved to an archived page so i don't have to look at them anymore, and neither can you. o_o alot has changed since that handful of entries from earlier in freshman year, and it was becoming an eyesore.

i've decided this blog is going to have a permanent layout. and you're looking at it! ^^;; i love this one too much to replace it, nevermind how old it is. (created in mid-august, oi. o_o) i'll be obligatorily updating the side information bar as i see fit, and maybe a few tweaks here and there.. but pretty much what you see is what you're going to get for quite a while. ;D

it's been exactly two weeks since my 15th birthday, the 7th.. but i got two rather wonderful gifts from my parents that i must share, bwahaha. first off, i present to you,! yes, i got a domain name. fear me. and secondly, i'll be in the audience of an a perfect circle concert at the norva on august 1st! fear my obsession! o_o *gasm* mmmmaynard. except i'm going with my parents. so no funny business, heh. but.. maynard! GAAAH!

i'll be going to school for two weeks this summer starting tomorrow, to finish up a class where my attendance was.. hem.. ah, a tad too infrequent for the teacher to pass me. it's from 7:50am-1pm every weekday until the 7th of august. but hey, sean's going to be there to finish up a class his teacher maliciously lc'd (loss of credit for more than 3 absences) him just before she went on vacation, giving him no way to appeal, before he graduates. it'll be nice to hang out with him for a while, and i'll be in the general lasky/crocker vacinity, though preston won't be back from vacation until sunday.. all is well, and of course i can pass history. my mental functionality hasn't all gone to hell yet.

unfortunately, this means i will be a tad lacking in the free time department for the next couple weeks, meaning i most likely won't get around to doing any major construction on until late august, going into september.. ah well. robbie's got company over, so i suppose i'll busy myself with working on this godforsaken sidebar.. i'd also like to get some doodling done today. we'll see.

er. hello there.

the sidebar is under construction as alot has changed. just be patient while i get things together, it shouldn't take more than a day or two..